Customer Relations Policy

Northern Bead Company Customer Relations Policy

The Northern Bead Company is committed to providing a fair, consistent and accessible service for all of our customers. However, The Northern Bead Company has to balance this by providing a safe working environment for our staff to operate within and to ensure that our work is undertaken in an efficient and effective manner.


On occasions, customers may make unreasonable demands that could affect the service we provide to other customers, or communicate with us in a manner which causes offence to our staff. Where this occurs, The Northern Bead Company reserves the right to manage customer contact in an appropriate manner to protect our staff and to maintain the effectiveness of our service to other customers.


This policy sets out our approach to managing those customers whose actions or behaviour are considered unacceptable and are either having a harmful impact on our staff or their ability to provide a consistent level of service to other customers.

Defining unacceptable behaviour

What is deemed to be unacceptable behaviour will often differ depending upon the individual(s) involved and their particular circumstances. Examples of unacceptable behaviour are grouped under two broad headings, as follows:


 Aggressive, abusive or offensive language or behaviour.

 General unreasonable behaviour.


Aggressive, abusive or offensive language or behaviour


All of our staff have the right not to be subjected to aggressive, abusive or offensive language or behaviour, regardless of the circumstances.

Examples of this behaviour include, but are not limited to:


 threats of physical violence;

 swearing;

 inappropriate cultural, racial or religious references; and

 rudeness, including derogatory remarks.

Where a customer continues to communicate in an unacceptable manner, The Northern Bead Company will exercise its right to restrict contact by the customer. These actions may include and are not limited to closing of the customer account and cancellation of any pending orders or transactions. The precise nature and action will be appropriate and proportionate to the nature of the unacceptable behaviour and the circumstances of our staff and the customer.