Security Settings

If you are having problems with the shopping cart not holding your order please try the following:

On your browser click on:
Tools > Internet Options
Click on the Security tab and make sure it is set to Medium
Click the Privacy tab
Choose Sites
In the box lablled "Address of Web site" enter in and choose Allow and choose Allow
Click OK and OK

Credit Card Security

How to quickly tell if a site is secure:
- When you are at the point where you asked to enter credit card info make sure the address bar has https and not just http - the "s" means you are at a secure site.
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer look for a yellow padlock on the bottom right corner of the browser (Netscape users look for a Key), FireFox users will see their entire address bar highlighted in yellow.
- You will see both of these features on the Credit Card Processing section of The Northern Bead Company

The Northern Bead Company's Security 

Data Encryption
All order and purchase pages are protected using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) server-base encryption protocol through Digital IDs from VeriSign Inc. Our provider also uses industry leading encryption, digital signatures and digital key/certificate exchange in addition to their secure SSL Web server providing customers with the strongest possible confidence when conducting business over the Internet. All traffic between the Web server and the customer is encrypted to guarantee that information cannot be intercepted or viewed by unauthorized parties.

Credit Authorization
Upon receiving order and credit information all transactions are processed over private digital lines and not back over the Internet.

 Firewall Protection

Our provider use an ICSA certified firewall to ensure that unauthorized access to their web servers does not occur. In addition, their database and file servers are located on a separate network segment and are thus physically isolated from the Internet.

 Protection of Credit Card Receipts 

Our provider only records credit card transaction information "offline" in a secure environment and then only for the purpose of providing "clear copy requests" should a merchant bank request them. They email confirmation of completed transactions to the customer but do not include full credit card details. All credit card transactions are processed through their own custom credit card gateway on private lines.  We at The Northern Bead Company never see your credit card number.  Only our bank receives that information.



We will NOT accept any credit card information through e-mail.